Newark Towncar terms and conditions

Charges and Calculations
Wait Time – Airport Transfer
Wait time , passengers are permitted thirty (30) minutes of free waiting time after the scheduled airplane landing time. Waiting time beyond thirty (30) minutes will result in additional charges equal to the hourly transfer base rate on increments of fifteen (15) minutes intervals.

Wait Time – Point-to-Point Transfer
Customers are permitted twenty (15) minutes of free waiting time after the scheduled pickup time. Waiting time beyond the twenty (15) minutes will result in additional charges equal to the transfer hourly base rate on increments of fifteen (15) minute intervals.

Extra Stops
For all reservations, passengers are allowed to make one stop, during the transfer and along the route, which does not exceed ten (10) minutes. If the stop exceeds fifteen (10) minutes, the client will be charged the transfer base rate plus the hourly rate for the transfer in fifteen (15) minute increments for the time that the driver waits. If the passenger needs to make more than one stop, or if the one stop lasts more than thirty (15) minutes, then the transfer will convert to an hourly rate reservation.

Fuel Surcharge
For a town car sedan, stretch limousine and SUV services in the New York area the Fuel Surcharge is calculated based on the Energy Information Agency’s (EIA’s). Quoted amount will be applied according to with the vehicle hourly rate Fuel surcharges for specialty vehicles services, including minibuses, vans, and motor coaches, will vary.

Airport Transfer
The charge for town car service between a commercial airport or FBO location and a predefined location.

Hourly Charge
The charge for “As-Directed” reservation when there is a pre-define route or itinerary involved or the driver takes directions or instructions from the passengers and typically involves various stops.

Point to Point Service
We offer point to point transfer instead of the hourly rate is a much more convenient way to travel since you don’t have to pay for the vehicle to be seating while you are having dinner or in a meeting.

Base Rate
Our base rate is the price offered before tax, tolls, gratuity and any other applicable prices

Child Safety Seats
For passengers safety reasons of providing child age and weight appropriate child seats, Newark Towncar does not provide child seat or booster seats. However, passengers can provide and install their own child safety or booster seats.

Lost or Misplaced Items
Newark Towncar assumes no responsibility or liability for any lost or misplaced personal property or any other items.